Thursday, April 26

No CD hack for Creatures 1

This is a tricky hack to do. So try not to rush and try not to make typing mistakes. It's probably best if you do this with all your norns backed up or if you have a new install. I found this on but on my windows XP it wouldn't allow it. Kept asking for the CD every time I tried to run the program.

This is what I did:
With the creatuers cd in... go to my computer and right click on the CD and click explore. Copy the folder called INTRO

Paste the folder in to your C drive (my computer and go into C). So now that you have the INTRO folder on your hard drive you can edit the registry file that points to it on the cd to the folder on your hard drive.

Go to Run (normally found on the start menu) and type " regedit " like below (ignore the ubuntu windows theme)

This will bring up the registry editor. On the left menu go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Millennium Interactive\Creatures\1.0
Then find a Name called IntroPath which has the value of:
Doudle click it to edit it and change it to the INTRO folder on your hard drive:

Try to run creatures without the CD. If this fails make sure you didn't forget the back slash \ on the registry value. By the way if all fails you can always change the value back to E:\Intro.

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Rebecca Foster said...

I tried this, but my Creatures game gets stuck on the loading screen. It actually wasn't at E:\, it was already in the C:\, but without the Intro part. Is there any way to fix this?