Friday, April 27

Wolfling Runs

A wolfling run is where you hatch some norn eggs and leave them be. Basicly the idea is that natural sectional will take its course producing a generation of norn that is hardy and well resistant to disease. Like most of the old time breeders/fans will know there is a variety of variables that cause different results.
I think a breeder with experience could write a book on this subject but anyway heres a few tips

Get a better world... On C1 you can do this by downloading an sfc file and replace your normal World.sfc file. Make sure you back up the orginal though (just rename it). There are a few worlds available to download from bastian's creatures geocities (ahhh the 90s eh) webpage. There is a world on there that can hold up to 48 norns.

Use a wolfling monitor... Some programs can cause problems within the game that can lead to crashes. Monitors automate things such as exporting norns if the world gets to populated. This website BRF's creatures has a monitor. There is also source code of the program. Its a little dated and you will need to find windows recourse files to get it to work on xp. Perhaps I could update it sometime.

If something is wrong then interfere if needed... This would make the run a feral run where by you interact, teaching them or feeding them. This might improve a generation if you find that the last generation suffered. Some players would only do this as a last option to a dying generation.

C1 norns will travel far... for food so expect a lot of them to be scatted around. This could be a problem if you want a speedy run. I would use brf's creatures wolfing monitor or another of them web that you can breed norns yourself. You might want to pick the strongest or the most interesting to breed in early generations. On a lot of my runs I find a lot of norns on the island. In the caves. Not sure why they end up there a lot. Some will live around the cannon or the music box. If your run last long enough you might notice different traits between groups of your norns. Though not every run will get that far.

Possible out comes to a wolfing run (there are more but I find these traits the most common):

  • long lives if not immortal
  • faster/slower ageing
  • better immune system
  • colour pigments

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